PureFlex System Enhancements Support System x Servers and BladeCenter Systems

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The IBM PureFlex System 42U Rack and IBM PureFlex System 42U Expansion Rack have been optimized for use with IBM Flex System components, IBM System x servers, and BladeCenter systems. Their robust design allows them to be shipped with equipment already installed.


These IBM PureFlex 42U racks are industry-standard 19-inch racks that support IBM PureFlex systems, IBM System x servers, and BladeCenters.


These 42U racks conform to the EIA-310-D industry standard for 19-inch, type A rack cabinets, and have outriggers (stabilizers), allowing for movement of large loads.


Features include:

  • A unique PureFlex-branded front door allows for air flow.
  • Six side-wall compartments support 1U-high power distribution units (PDUs) and switches without taking up valuable rack space.
  • Cable management slots are provided to route velcro strips around cables.
  • Side panels are a standard feature and are designed to be easy to install and remove.
  • The front door is hinged on one  side only.
  • Rear door can be hinged on either side.
  • Front and rear doors and side panels include locks and keys to help secure servers.
  • Horizontal and vertical cable channels are built into the frame.
  • Heavy-duty casters with outriggers  (stabilizers) come with the 42U rack for added stability, allowing movement of large loads.
  • Tool-less 0U PDU rear channel  mounting is provided.


These 42U racks provide excellent solutions for creating rack suites to economically support multiple servers and supporting devices.


The IBM® PureFlex™ System 42U Rack and Expansion Rack provide a robust solution for your IT infrastructure in a convenient 600 mm x 1100 mm footprint. The optional IBM Rear Door Heat eXchanger can be installed to provide a superior cooling solution, and the entire cabinet will still fit on a standard data center floor tile (width). The IBM PureFlex System 42U Rack and Expansion Rack are designed to be the perfect complement to your IBM IT solutions.


These IBM PureFlex 42 U Racks are industry-standard 19-inch racks that support IBM PureFlex systems, IBM System x® servers, and BladeCenters.


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