A New, Low-Cost System i Mirroring Option

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Bug Busters Software Engineering announces Release 8.0 of Remote Software Facility (RSF). The new release includes support for record-level mirroring at a fraction of the traditional cost.

High Availability. The newest version of RSF includes full support for record-level mirroring of database files, byte-level mirroring of data areas and object-level mirroring of all other object types. Any needed journals are created and managed automatically by RSF. Convenient commands allow administrators to begin mirroring libraries and IFS directories in minutes.

A given library can be mirrored to multiple target machines or partitions. A library can even be mirrored to a different named library on the same machine.

Changes on the target machine can be processed by unique key as well as by relative record number, greatly increasing flexibility and integrety. And, RSF determines the appropriate unique key access path authmatically.

Two-way mirroring is supported, allowing different updates to occur to the same files on multiple systems while RSF keeps it all in sync.

RSF hides all of the communication complexities, allowing you to synchronize systems in the same room or half way around the world--whether connected by dial-up, LAN, SDLC, TCP/IP or the Internet.

The RSF High Availability feature is optional and is licensed separately.

Now the kicker: This robust mirroring solution is being offered for under $5,000, Together with new HA hardware incentives from IBM, the RSF High Availibility feature brings mirroring to the masses.

Copy an Entire System. We've all been through it; upgrading an iSeries machine to increase capacity or replacing a machine at the end of a lease. Getting all of data, settings and options from the old to the new machine has always been time consuming and labor intensive. Until now. RSF 8.0 allows you to copy the entire contents of one iSeries system to another, unattended, without a tape drive. A single command lets you copy every thing but the operating system from user profiles, libraries and IFS directories, to configuration objects, spooled files, system values and job schedule entries. Options let you control exactly what gets copied. You can even run the tool a second time to pick up objects changed since the initial copy was done.

And More. A new Run Command function is provided, making it easy for authorized users to run an arbitrary CL command on another machine. New commands allow you to send and retrieve save files directly. Enhancements to the Send/Retrieve Spooled Files commands make it easier to send and retrieve large groups of spooled files And there's more. For more details about these and other enhancements, see www.bugbusters.net/rsf_new.htm.

Free Trials Available. Free 30-day trials for RSF 8.0 can be downloaded from www.bugbusters.net. Current RSF users who are covered by maintenance can download upgrades from the same location.

Used by thousands of software vendors and iSeries shops world-wide, RSF has helped set the standard for AS/400 object distribution and remote support.

Other RSF features include:

    CL command interface lets you transmit objects and spooled files programmatically and in batch.
  • Communicate with other iSeries and AS/400s without prior configuration or setup.
  • Works with any connection, including the Internet. SDLC, TCP/IP and PPP connections supported.
  • Industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption supported for TCP/IP connections.
  • Centrally monitor and respond to system messages on any number of satellite AS/400s.
  • Automatically forward spooled files to other machines.
  • Broadcast objects to many machines and poll any number of machines to retrieve sets of objects.
  • Build your own utilities with RSF's ability to call programs on remote machines passing input and output parameters.