New Advanced Functions and Features for the IBM System Storage DS3500

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IBM DS3500 introduces new Controller Firmware (CFW) 7.84, and adds more powerful premium features and simplified premium feature ordering.


IBM System Storage combines major premium features to simplify ordering of DS3500 systems. Some premium features are now included in the base CFW for no additional charge, and other premium functions are now included in separate premium feature bundle options.


CFW version 7.84 now includes additional functions and features:

  • Partitions, 128
  • FlashCopy, 32
  • VolumeCopy,  256 ( IBM recommends that VolumeCopy be used with FlashCopy )
  • Full Disk Encryption


Additional premium feature options include:

  • Disaster  Recovery Option for DS3500 offers 16 Enhanced Remote Mirrors (synchronous over Fibre Channel, including FC over Ethernet) and 32 Global Mirrors (asynchronous over Fibre Channel and IP mirroring over iSCSI)
  • Backup and Restore Option for DS3500 offers up to 512 point in time instances of  Enhanced FlashCopy
  • Performance Read Cache for DS3500 enables the utilization of solid state disks (SSDs) accelerating reads from the storage, helping to increase performance of  the disk system
  • Super Key  for DS3500 enables all the functionality in the Disaster Recovery Option, the Backup and Restore Option, and the Performance Read Cache


All other premium feature keys remain available and functional with CFW version 7.84. Customers that upgrade to CFW version 7.84 will find that the keys that have already been purchased and activated still work as the functions worked before the firmware upgrade. Also, upgrading with the keys that were previously announced will still continue to unlock in the latest CFW version 7.84 the functionality that was delivered in earlier versions of CFW.


For example, a customer may have already purchased some earlier FlashCopy instances, and if it would be more efficient to continue with those features, then those options are available and still work under the new CFW. Other features, such as the Turbo Performance Option and the 96 to 192 Drive Enclosure Expansion keys, continue to be available for the new code under current terms and conditions.


The new Solaris Host Kit for DS3500 provides entitlement and support for servers using DS3500 Disk Systems and hosting Solaris operating systems.


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