System Storage DS8870 (Machine type 2423) Models 961 and 96E Offer Three-Year Warranty

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The new IBM System Storage DS8870 represents the latest of high-performance, high-capacity, flexible, and resilient disk storage systems. IBM System Storage DS8000 series is the flagship disk storage platform within the IBM System Storage portfolio. With the enterprise choice warranty option, these high-performance flagship models (DS8870 Model 961 and associated DS8870 Expansion Unit Model 96E) can be ordered with a one-year, two-year, three-year, or four-year support period (by ordering the appropriate machine type), which covers both hardware and advanced function software.


This product is provided with three years of standard warranty. Additional years of extended warranty services are available to make these flexible offerings the best support option to address business and financial needs. Clients should consult with their financial personnel on the appropriate financial treatment for this offering.


The DS8870 is also designed to provide new hardware features for the combination of price and efficiency that is right for all application needs. It delivers cutting edge technology, improved efficiency, and increased performance. The DS8870 excels in supporting the new IBM zEnterprise® EC12 and high-end IBM Power® server environments and ensures clients are taking full advantage of the integration delivered by these high-end enterprise systems. New hardware features include:


IBM POWER7 Processor Technology


The DS8870 high-performance flagship model features IBM POWER7 server technology to help support high performance. The DS8870 model delivers up to three times performance improvement in I/O operations per second in transaction processing workload environments as the prior model. Compared to the performance of the previous DS8000 system, DS8800, this new processor aids the DS8870 in improving the performance of both sequential read and sequential write throughputs by over 60%.


The DS8870 provides a nondisruptive upgrade from the smallest to the largest configuration. This includes adding cache and processors for increased performance, adding host ports for increased connectivity, adding HDDs and SSDs and additional model 96E frames to the base 961 frame for increased capacity, and adding advanced function software features.


Memory Support

DS8870 provides from 16 GB to 1 TB of processor memory and continues to be managed in 4 KB segments for optimal cache efficiency. Total memory support has increased by 266% compared to DS8800.

Improved Rack Power System


The DS8870 provides dc uninterrupted power supplies to replace the primary power supplies the current DS8800 is using. These new power supplies improve energy efficiency and are designed to support emerging energy efficiency standards.


Business Class Configuration Options


The DS8870 provides a business class configuration option in addition to the enterprise class. The business class option allows a system to be configured with up to 144 drives in a single frame with limited features and support, helping to reduce configuration costs. The 16 GB cache business class configuration has certain limitations as well,including no copy services and no I/O Priority Manager support. Thebusiness class configuration can be upgraded to the enterprise class model. This is a fully concurrent MES upgrade.


Drive Support

  • 146 GB 15,000 rpm FDE SAS
  • 300 GB 15,000 rpm FDE SAS
  • 600 GB 10,000 rpm FDE SAS
  • 900 GB 10,000 rpm FDE SAS
  • 3 TB 7,200 rpm FDE nearline SAS
  • 400 GB FDE SSD


All drives offered on the DS8870 are FDE capable.


VMware vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) Support


DS8870 will provide support for the following functions:

  • Atomic test and set (ATS) or VMware hardware-assisted locking
  • XCOPY or full copy


The VAAI API offloads storage processing functions from the server hardware to the DS8870, reducing the workload on the host server hardware for improved performance on both the network and host servers.


Value-Based Pricing and Licensing


Operating environment licenses will be priced based on the performance, capacity, speed, and other characteristics that provide value in customer environments.


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