Tape or Tapeless Data Storage? Now IBM i Shops Can Have Both

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Companies can now get the convenience of tapeless backup plus the ability to archive to LTO tape when needed with LaserVault’s Universal Backup Device.


IBM i shops are getting the best of both worlds for their backups: Tape and Tapeless. For many, this is a long-awaited hybrid solution that provides easy access and automation that meets their needs for today’s hectic IT environment combined with long term storage that meets industry or governmental requirements.


UBD, the Universal Backup Device, is a D2D tape emulation solution that enables iSeries users the ability to automate their backup process, and eliminate or reduce the use of physical tape for their data protection. Restoring data with UBD becomes a simple task completed in a fraction of the time restoring from tape requires.


With the UBD Direct Tapeout feature, companies that rely on LTO tape for their iSeries data protection can instead use UBD for their active backups and restores, while continuing to use tape for their long term archive needs. The UBD appliance is connected to the iSeries via a Fibre Channel connection. The LTO tape drive is connected to UBD. Direct Tapeout allows the user to save their backups from the UBD appliance to their tape drive. If ever needed, they can then restore from tape back to UBD.



“The Direct Tapeout feature solves a lot of problems for iSeries users that either want to continue to maintain their archives on tape, or that are under industry or governmental regulations to do so. They are no longer restricted to having to keep using physical tape, which requires a lot of time and oversight,” says Brad Jensen, LaserVault’s CEO.


“They can use UBD for their daily, weekly, and monthly backups, and keep tape backups as required. UBD is an easy solution to implement so users can instantly improve their backup process and reap the benefits, including a huge time savings. With Direct Tapeout they can continue to meet their requirements for physical tape for long term storage.


He adds, “In most cases, our customers begin using UBD on day one. The savings they see really are instantaneous. And UBD can be configured for individual business needs so they aren’t stuck with a huge investment. This is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets or any company that wants a cost effective solution that produces immediate results and makes a direct positive impact on their processes and costs.”


Along with Direct Tapeout, UBD includes additional features that provide for greatly improved data protection over using tape alone. Last year, LaserVault added Replacador to UBD. Replacador allows for data to be replicated from the UBD appliance to another server, a USB drive, or to a remote DR site. The additional copy or copies provide businesses with an extra layer of data protection.


Replacador uses the free deduplication that comes with Windows 2012. Using Replacador the Windows deduplicated backups are replicated offsite to a second UBD appliance for disaster recovery.


The replication can be completed on demand or as a scheduled task for hands-free execution.


Because Replacador is included with UBD, it becomes a very low cost way for any business to dedupe and replicate their data ultimately strengthening their backup operations.


UBD Replacador with Direct Tapeout is available today. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 800-444-6283, ext. 1 for information and pricing.