Bytware's IBM i Message Monitoring Tool Supports Centralized Log Collection and Reporting

System Administration
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Bytware, a division of HelpSystems and provider of systems management and security solutions for IBM Power Systems servers, is pleased to announce a new version of their IBM i message monitoring tools, MessengerPlus and MessengerConsole. This latest update adds new ease-of-use enhancements in the areas of messages, monitors, schedules, and synchronization.


These enhancements help MessengerConsole users and managers of IBM Power Systems servers—including AS/400, iSeries, and System i—to target a specific system or systems for monitor synchronization. This allows monitors to be sent to select servers with no impact to the others on the network.


Additionally, schedules can be sent out to remote systems to streamline configuration in multi-system environments, saving time by configuring the schedule once and sending it to remote systems individually or as a group. This also ensures all systems stay in sync with the console system.


"Our focus with Messenger 8.1 is to provide better integration between Messenger and other event-collection tools. By reformatting alerts sent out to Help Desk applications and sending out security-related information to syslog servers, Messenger can build upon the tools already in place and work in conjunction with them to expedite notification of critical events," said Heather Beck, Bytware Product Support Manager.


Messenger 8.1 also adds new integration for those with UNIX syslog servers. Events and messages can be sent to a UNIX syslog server for greater flexibility to integrate with enterprise applications. This enhancement encourages centralized log collection and reporting, and also reduces the time and effort needed to notify key personnel.


Lastly, Messenger 8.1 improves the formatting of email messages to allow better control over how they will appear on target devices and provide seamless integration with third-party tools and Help Desk applications.


Messenger 8.1 is available now, and a free trial can be requested through the Bytware website at