GoAnywhere Director Now Available for IBM PureSystems

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Linoma Software is pleased to announce that GoAnywhere Director, its premier managed file transfer solution, is now available for IBM PureSystems.


Linoma Software is the first company to have its managed file transfer solution qualify for deployment on IBM PureSystems.


"We see tremendous potential for IBM PureSystems," said Bob Luebbe, Linoma Software's Chief Architect, "and since GoAnywhere is a cross-platform solution, it will run on any platform IBM PureSystems supports and connect with DB2 and WebSphere MQ."


IBM PureSystems is the first family of systems based on "patterns of expertise" designed to automate and optimize the deployment and maintenance of application workloads which can improve the time to value for businesses up to 100 times versus traditional systems.


GoAnywhere Director enabled on IBM PureSystems delivers both simplicity and flexibility in a system with integrated expertise. GoAnywhere Director's intuitive interface and comprehensive features can eliminate the need for custom programs, scripts and single-function tools that were traditionally required for moving and translating data. Its installation will reduce costs, improve the quality of your data transmissions, help comply with data security policies and regulations, provide a simplified experience, and reduce IT complexity without compromising flexibility.


The IBM PureSystems encompasses a variety of advantages. It can be rapidly deployed, meet required performance levels, and minimize downtime of the system. Consolidation and management expertise drives automation to significantly reduce the manual processes that needlessly consume staff hours. Optimization expertise also allows the infrastructure to flex to unexpected demands without requiring expensive surplus capacity.


"We're excited to join with IBM as it grows its PureSystems family," Luebbe said, "and we look forward to meeting the growing needs of the IBM PureSystems community."


About Linoma Software

Founded in 1994, Linoma Software provides innovative solutions for managed file transfer and data encryption. With a diverse install base of more than 3,000 customers around the world, Linoma's focus on research and development, as well as customer service and support, contributes to its leadership in the software industry.


About GoAnywhere™ Managed File Transfer Suite

GoAnywhere™ is a managed file transfer and secure FTP solution that will streamline and automate file transfers with trading partners, customers, employees and internal servers. Enterprise level controls and detailed audit logs are provided for meeting strict security policies and compliance requirements including PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, GLBA and state privacy laws.


GoAnywhere can be installed on most platforms including Windows®, Linux®, IBM® i (iSeries®), UNIX®, AIX® , and Solaris®, and supports popular protocols including FTP, SFTP, HTTPS, and AS2. Optional modules include Secure Mail for ad-hoc file transfers and NIST® certified FIPS 140-2 validated encryption.


The GoAnywhere solution is comprised of three products:  

Visit to download a free trial.


Contact: Susan Baird, Marketing Manager
Linoma Software
402.944.4242, x724
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Linoma Software

Founded in 1994, Linoma Software provides innovative technologies for protecting sensitive data and automating data movement. Linoma Software has a diverse install base of over 3,000 customers around the world including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and government entities. Linoma’s success has been built on being very responsive to its customers' requirements. Suggestions on how the company can improve its products to better serve your organization are always welcome. Readers are encouraged to review the many positive testimonials on the company's web site. Customer references can also be supplied upon request. Linoma Software is dedicated to its install base of enterprise platforms and maintains professional partnerships with user groups, data security policy groups, and operating system companies.


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