Help/Systems Announces Linux Support for Robot/CLIENT

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Help/Systems, a leader in automated operations and business intelligence software for System i, has announced the addition of Linux support to Robot/CLIENT, the server operations event management software. Robot/CLIENT brings reliable automated operations to Linux servers in the enterprise.

Robot/CLIENT acts as agent software running on non-System i servers, including Windows and UNIX. It checks server operational status, receives job status information, launches processes, monitors server applications, and services, and transfers data. With Linux support, users can integrate their Linux servers into their System i procedures.

By using Robot/CLIENT agent software with Robot/SCHEDULE (the job scheduler and batch management software) as their master scheduler, users can schedule jobs on the server and receive a completion status; monitor server status; transfer files between the System i and the server; and more. Linux servers managed by Robot/CLIENT run efficiently and reliably, expanding the scope of a System i-based enterprise, the company says.

Robot/CLIENT for Linux integrates with the other Robot Automated Operations Solution products, including Robot/ALERT for system event notification; Robot/CONSOLE for message, resource, and log management; Robot/SPACE for disk space management; and Robot/NET-WORK for complete network management. Now, the System i automated operations team can control Linux systems, too.

About Help/Systems

Help/Systems, Inc. is a leader in automated operations and business intelligence software for IBM System i computers. For more information, visit, or contact Tom Huntington, at (952) 933-0609 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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