IBM Network Advisor Version 12.3

System Administration
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IBM Network Advisor is a software management platform that unifies network management for SANs. It is designed to deliver a consistent user interface, proactive performance analysis, and troubleshooting capabilities across installations. IBM Network Advisor V12.3 delivers the following enhancements:


    • Dashboard timeline and playback capabilities to enhance troubleshooting and root cause analysis


    • Emulex HBA support to extend SAN fabric visibility


    • Enhanced SAN reporting to deliver greater flexibility in generating and customizing reports


    • Support for enhanced Fabric Vision monitoring, management, and diagnostic capabilities through FOS 7.3


    • Configuration File Manager


    • Configuration Policy Manager


    • Web Client to provide usability options beyond the datacenter, presenting an all-in-one Status View


    • REST API support


    • Port scaling support for up to 15,000 ports, 100 fabrics, and 400 switches and Access Gateways


    • FICON support is extended for the SAN42B-R with IBM Network Advisor 12.3, in addition to continued support for previous FOS releases



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