IBM PureApplication System and IBM Bluemix Local System Closed Beta Offering

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PureApplication Systems and Bluemix Local Systems deliver a closed beta offering that includes disaster recovery, private VLANs, and VMware exposure capabilities:

  • User-managed virtual machine deployments with VMware vCenter

  • Private VLANs for performing secure management of VLANs

  • Creation of isolated workload environments

  • Workload environment duplication between racks on a Bluemix Local system

As a participant in the closed beta offering, you can:

  • Evaluate offering capabilities within your system environment.

  • Provide feedback on the offering capabilities of future offerings.

  • Identify your requirements not included in the offering.

  • Suggest future product capabilities.

The beta offering is also an opportunity to learn about IBM strategy and direction, and build skills and develop expertise. A forum for public discussion of current and future capabilities can be found at developerWorks® Answers for PureApplication.

If the closed beta offering is made commercially available, you may:

  • Obtain earlier benefit and payback.

  • Gain a competitive edge.

  • Achieve public recognition as a technology leader.

The PureApplication System and Bluemix Local System closed beta offering is:

  • Free of charge, if you havePureApplication System W1500 or W2500, or Bluemix Local System W3500 or W3550 models installed with active service.

  • Not warranted. Limited support is provided through developerWorks Answers for PureApplication.

  • Not designed for use in a production environment and can not be used for production.

This closed beta provides these benefits:

  • Free-of-charge participation with active service

  • Direct feedback to IBM on the offering

  • Ability to influence the shape of future offerings

  • Early exposure to future technology

  • Limited support through developerWorks Answers for PureApplication

Dedicated compute nodes may be required for virtual machine deployments.

Disaster recovery requires dedicated compute nodes within, or across, racks on Bluemix W3500 or W3550 models.

Details of the terms and conditions of the closed beta offering will be provided to selected participants during acceptance notification. You will be required to log into an online portal to view and accept the terms and conditions as a digital signature for your agreement to participate in the closed beta offering.

You can request participation in the closed beta offering by opening a support ticket for your eligible PureApplication or Bluemix Local system. Your request will be reviewed for eligibility based on criteria to ensure success in the closed beta. The number of participants that will be accepted is limited. You are encouraged to request participation early. The closed beta offering will have a maximum duration of 90 days with the closed beta beginning on February 28, 2017.

This announcement includes statements of direction for IBM PureApplication and IBM Bluemix Local systems. For details, refer to the Description section.

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