IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager Helps Development by Teams

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Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager enhances the Rational solution for systems and software engineering by providing the capability to visualize, analyze, and organize systems product engineering data coming from many tools. It enables engineering teams to get a better understanding of the relationships in that data, so they can make more effective and timely engineering decisions.

The products and systems that surround us and influence our lives are becoming smarter: more intelligent, instrumented, and interconnected. These products are increasingly complex as software delivers larger portions of the value of these innovative products and systems. Product development organizations are creating and managing larger, more complex, and more interrelated sets of engineering data. Old tools and processes for managing product development are strained by this complexity.

Additional and deeper dependencies across engineering domains create challenges for hardware and software co-design and other kinds of multi-disciplinary collaboration. Project development cycles lengthen. Staff costs increase. Too many defects escape notice until customer acceptance or field deployment. Opportunities for reuse may be missed.

At the same time, many organizations face pressure to get to market faster and drive cost out of the development process.

Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager uses Rational Jazz integration services to increase the visibility and value of engineering data.

  • Get faster, more complete answers to key engineering questions across the lifecycle. Search and report on data across engineering disciplines, regardless of data source and location.
  • Visualize and analyze engineering data and relationships in the context of user roles, product structure, development process, and project.
  • Use views to navigate to specific engineering artifacts needed for a particular task, and open the artifacts in the tool that created the artifact.
  • Analyze the impact of changes using visual and report-based representations of engineering artifacts and their relationships.
  • Improve reuse of engineering artifacts and the components they represent.

Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager indexes engineering data and makes the data available through custom role, product, process, and project views while honoring the security access settings on the data that it indexes.

Compared to alternative integration techniques, this federated, indexed approach has the potential to simplify deployment time and effort as well as reduce the run-time impact on engineering tools and the teams using them.

Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager helps engineering teams to:

  • Make effective and timely engineering decisions.
  • Improve reuse of designs.
  • Maintain compliance with standards by providing capabilities to visualize, analyze, and organize engineering lifecycle data and their relationships.


For ordering, contact your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: AE001).


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