New SP4i-Push Sends IBM i Notifications Instantly to iOS and Android Devices

System Administration
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SystemObjects Corporation, specialists in web and mobile development tools for IBM i, today announces the general availability of SP4i-Push, a new utility that allows system administrators and application developers to automatically send mobile device notifications or emails to users directly from the IBM i system or applications.

Application users and system administrators increasingly struggle to monitor significant system events and to identify critical messages within cluttered email Inboxes. The problem intensifies for mobile workers. Push notifications break through the clutter, but most IBM i shops lack the mobile app development expertise necessary to implement a push service.

SP4i-Push features a pre-packaged mobile app that delivers notifications to iOS and Android mobile devices. It also provides the administrative framework to securely manage push and email notifications, including a device registration utility and a user device database. IBM i professionals need only establish notification routines using a simple call to the SP4i-Push API, and then approve users for specific routines. Notifications are color-coded to indicate urgency at a glance.

“This product is not a replacement for security or system monitoring systems,” says Serge Charbit, CTO and President of SystemObjects. “Instead, SP4i-Push addresses the growing need for system admins and programmers to set up other types mobile notifications. For example, admins may want to know when a scheduled backup or data transfer fails — and why. Developers may want sales people to know immediately when a customer order is delayed or when inventory on a specific product is low. SP4i-Push lets them set up mobile and email notifications for anything like this very easily, and with no training. We take care of the tricky mobile delivery side.”

SP4i-Push supports an unlimited number of users accessing any number of IBM i servers/partitions. In addition, SystemObjects offers a no-charge, full-featured Community Edition that supports up to 10 users on any number of IBM i servers/partitions.

SP4i-Push requires IBM i V6R1 or higher and consists of two parts:

  1. A library and an IFS directory to be installed on an IBM i
  2. A free mobile app available in iOS and Android stores under the name 'SP4i-Push'

For More Information

For additional information about SP4i-Push, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit The following SP4i-Push resources can be found on the SystemObjects website.