AS/400 Key Remapping for Procomm Plus

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A funny thing happened to me while on CompuServe the other day. While downloading a file from the Datastorm (the makers of Procomm Plus) forum, a visitor to the forum asked me a message that popped up on my screen. He asked if I knew what the remapping was for Procomm keys. I asked him what system he was looking to map to, as I only had experience mapping keys for the AS/400. Sure enough, AS/400 mapping was what he needed. This person coming into the forum looking for this information and asking the only person in the forum at the time told me that this is the kind of information that could be useful to many people, and is not detailed anywhere in the manuals. Connecting via VT100 emulation can be a real boon to users who need to access AS/400 screens without the overhead of Client Access.

I also got my first information on remapping the AS/400 keys in the Datastorm forum a year ago, when I put up a message asking for help. That message is long gone now, as message libraries on Compuserve scroll old messages off the list as new ones arrive. So here, for posterity, are the AS/400 keyboard mappings for Procomm Plus for DOS and Windows.

Mapping the function keys follows an easy-to-discern pattern. To map F1, go into the keyboard editor in Procomm Plus and put in the characters ^[1. F2 is then ^[2, F3 is ^[3, and so on. F10 is ^[0, F11 is ^[-, and F12 is ^[=. As you can see, the mappings just follow the numbers on the top line of the keyboard. To get F13 to F24, we follow the same pattern, except we use the SHIFT value of the keys. F13 is therefore ^[! (SHIFT-1 is !), F14 is ^[@, and so on, all the way to F24 being ^[+. A full map that you can cut out and keep in your Procomm Plus manuals is shown in Figure 1.

There are two more keys you’ll want to remap, the Page Up and Page Down keys. Page Up on the PC is comparable to Roll Down on the AS/400. To

implement Page Up, remap the Page Up key to “^[D”, where the D is for the D in Roll Down. Can you guess what Page Down is? That’s right, it is “^[U”, for Roll Up.

One of the most important keys to remember is the reset key, especially when calling up remotely. One mistake, or pressing a key while the screen is still drawing, can lock you up. I don’t remap my reset key, I simply press the Esc key, then release it and press R. This sequence, Esc-R, is the AS/400 reset sequence. It unlocks your screen and gets rid of those annoying flashing numbers on the bottom left of your screen. You can map this to an actual key if you want.

That’s all there is to using your actual function keys while connected to your AS/400 asynchronously with Procomm Plus.

Key Remapping Esc codes F1 ^[1 Esc-1
F2 ^[2 Esc-2
F3 ^[3 Esc-3
F4 ^[4 Esc-4
F5 ^[5 Esc-5
F6 ^[6 Esc-6
F7 ^[7 Esc-7
F8 ^[8 Esc-8
F9 ^[9 Esc-9
F10 ^[ Esc-0
F11 ^[- Esc—

F12 ^[= Esc-= F13 ^[! Esc-! F14 ^[@ Esc-@ F15 ^[# Esc-# F16 ^[$ Esc-$ F17 ^[% Esc-% F18 ^[^ Esc-^ F19 ^[& Esc-& F20 ^[* Esc-* F21 ^[( Esc-( F22 ^[) Esc-) F23 ^[_ Esc-_ F24 ^[+ Esc-+ Roll Down ^[D Esc-D Roll Up ^[U Esc-U
Reset Esc-R

Figure 1: AS/400 Mapping for Procomm Plus



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