TechTalk: Be aware of a mistake in the CA/400 3.11 refresh code instructions.

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I have just completed the installation of Client Access/400 over AnyNet using the Windows for Workgroups TCP/IP stack (IBM now officially supports this environment). There is a mistake in the instructions shipped with the CA/400 3.11 refresh code. In section 2.2.3 on page 15 of the instructions, item 1 (regarding the TCP/IP host table entries on your PC) has an incorrect entry. This entry causes your PC to get 9125 errors when trying to connect to the AS/400-thereby ending the application. The first entry should include your AS/400 TCP/IP address followed by your AS/400 system name with the system network ID (netid) and SNA domain suffix ( For example, your host table (c:windowsHOSTS for WFW) should include the following entries:

x.x.x.x. AS/

x.x.x.x. AS/400name

y.y.y.y. yourpcname

I called IBM Support, and they admitted to the error and said they will correct it in the future.

- Bob Terry