TechTalk: Changing passwords on a LAN Server/400 network.

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Q: One of my LAN Server/400 users changed his password for the domain from his PC (using the LAN Requester). He was able to sign on to the domain using his new password until today. Now, he cannot successfully sign on.

A: If your users change their passwords using the LAN Requester interface rather than doing it on the AS/400 system, the passwords for the domain and AS/400 will no longer be synchronized. While your users may not be bothered by having different passwords, they may encounter a problem in the future. For instance, when you change their user profiles on the AS/400 system, the information will be downloaded to the domain (including their AS/400 passwords, even though they were not changed), so all of the information is then resynchronized. As a result, the users' passwords on the domain have been reset to the AS/400 password. I believe this is what happened to your user. Therefore, I suggest you tell your users to change their passwords only on the AS/400 system and not to use the LAN Requester for this purpose.

- Jan Glowacki