TechTalk: Obtaining a successful pass-through between the AS/400 and the S/36.

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Q: I am trying to get display station pass-through to work between an AS/400 and a S/36. I think I am close, but I can't get through. Here's what's happening.

AS/400 to S/36: I enter the AS/400 command STRPASTHR RMTLOCNAME(SYSTEM36) RMTUSER(*NONE) and the AS/400 tells me that pass-through failed for security reasons. The S/36 says, "SYS-8430 S107A68A-Incorrect user ID." (According to the AS/400, if I set RMTUSER to *NONE, auto sign-on won't be attempted, so why do I get the incorrect user ID message?)

S/36 to AS/400: I enter PASSTHRU S107A68A on the S/36 and get "SYS-4712 Pass-thru not allowed to location S107A68A." The QSYSOPR message queue shows the message "Local system sent SNA negative response data to controller C1546001 on device SYSTEM36."

IBM Support recommended some PTFs that had to do with encrypting the password. After applying them, I still had no luck. Does anyone have any idea why it won't work?

- Dana Seflow

A: You need to make sure that the user profile you are passing through with has authority to the passthrough device being used and that QUSER has authority to this device. If you don't specify a device on the STRPASTHR command, a default will be used. Usually, it's QPADEV0001, ...0002, and so on. Check your job log on the local system, and check the history log on the remote system. You should see on the remote system's history log that QUSER doesn't have authority to a device. This device is what you have to grant QUSER authority to. Its authority is probably set to *PUBLIC *EXCLUDE. Check this out. It stumped me for a while until I finally figured it out.

- Virginia Magnone