TechTalk: PC Support and Passthru

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From: Mike Oster To: All

Is it possible to have a PC connected to a S/36 running display station passthru to an AS/400 and use PC/Support (for file transfers)? If not, what are my options (Query, another third party program, etc.)?

From: David Redlawsk To: Mike Oster

You need to look into the PC Support/36-AS/400 coexistence PRPQ. It allows networks of S/36s and AS/400s to give PC Support access on both machines to PCs attached to either least that's my understanding. Sounds like it does what you want.

From: Don Schenck To: Mike Oster

You cannot run PC Support if you are attached via twinax (that is, in a passthru environment). If you are Token Ring attached to one of the machines, and it is Token Ring attached to the other (i.e., you are all on the Token Ring), this will work.

The PRPQ mentioned will allow you to be attached to both machines via Token Ring or twinax--but it will not help your dilemma as I understand it.

From: Mike Oster To: Don Schenck

I think I understand your response, but I want to verify. We have two S/36s connected to our AS/400 through leased lines. The PCs connected to the S/36s are connected via Token Ring. Since the S/36s are remote (via leased lines), you are saying that they cannot run AS/400 PC Support since they are not on the same Token Ring, right?

We had a consultant give a different comment, although maybe we are all saying the same thing. He said that when you configure PC Support on the remote S/36s, you could tell PC Support that one of the five sessions for each workstation could be defined as the remote AS/400 session. This would allow the remote PC to run file transfers off the AS/400. He did say, however, that this could potentially slow down the entire network. Any thoughts on this?

From: David Redlawsk To: Don Schenck

Are you sure about the twinax attachment issue with the PRPQ? I don't remember ever being told of a limitation like that!

From: David Redlawsk To: Mike Oster

That's my understanding as well. If you make the S/36 the default machine-- even if it is twinax or remote attached, you should be able to run the file transfer functions against that machine. I could swear that I did this at one time with two S/36s--comm-attached to each other with one of them TR attached to PCs. It worked, as my failing memory tells me, just the way you were told.