TechTalk: PC Support and Windows 3.1

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From: John Brown To: All

Can anyone tell me how to run PC Support from Windows 3.1? I can't seem to get it to work. I am using DOS 5.0 extended PCS and when I try to run it from Windows I get an error when the extender starts to come up. I found a program in the PCS folder called PCSWIN but really don't know what it does. I am trying to get this going via an ACSII workstation controller on a 386/25MHz compatible PC with 2MB of memory. PCS will work as long as I run it from DOS. It would be nice to get it to run under Windows.

From: Kin Ng To: John Brown

The first thing to do is to upgrade your PC to at least 4MB. Anyway, here is the process:

1. Start the router. 2. Run PCSWIN. 3. Start Windows. 4. Create a PIF which runs the remaining programs in STARTPCS.BAT (i.e., WSF).

From: Paul Yust To: Kin Ng

I suggest you modify the PCS keyboard so that an out-of-the-way key like the tilde (~) will hot key PC support. Remember Windows likes to use the ALT-ESC key combo. Also, you might want an abbreviated STARTPCS.BAT.

From: Kin Ng To: Paul Yust

Actually, you can change the PIF setup using the PIF editor in Windows so that Windows will not take over the ALT-ESC and other keys.

From: Paul Yust To: Kin Ng

Yeah...I know...but it keeps the Windows feel if you let it have the control of the ALT-ESC key!

From: Mitchell Ummel To: John Brown

V2R1 PCS does not support Extended DOS version with Windows 3.x. I read this somewhere. V2R2 is the first version that supports Extended DOS version with Windows 3.x. Base DOS PCS works OK with Windows 3.x with the older versions though.

From: John Brown To: Mitchell Ummel

I found that out the hard way...When I loaded all of my memory managers (i.e., HIMEM.SYS and EMM386.EXE), the system would not communicate with my PC with extended PCS; but when I used base PCS it seemed to work out fine.