TechTalk: PC Support File Transfer Tip

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For those who use PC Support to transfer a PC file to the AS/400, I have a tip that can save time.

PC Support allows you to define the PC file fields in order to create a data file on the AS/400. The PC definition does no good on the AS/400 because DDS must still be created. With this in mind it's a lot quicker to simply upload the PC file as a source member on the AS/400. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Add 12 to the original PC record length. This is necessary in order to handle the sequence number and date that the AS/400 will insert in the source member.

Step 2: Use CPYF command with format option *CVTSRC to convert the AS/400 source member easily to a data member. This will remove the sequence number and date and start the PC data in position one.

Note: the copied-to file in step 2 must already be created with file type *DATA. The record length can be the same or 12 characters less than the copied-from file.

Greg Alvey Louisville, Kentucky