TechTalk: PC Support Memory Requirements

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A change made to the Extended DOS client program EIMPCS in V2R3 allows you to decrease the amount of PC memory required by PC Support. The EIMPCS program was changed from a .SYS file to an .EXE file. This eliminates the requirement of loading the EIMPCS program as a driver through the CONFIG.SYS file. Beginning with V2R3, the program is loaded through the STARTPCS.BAT file.

The only function that requires EIMPCS is the Work Station Function (WSF) printer emulation. So, if you don't use printer emulation, you can save PC memory by not loading the EIMPCS program.

If you don't need printer emulation on your workstation, you can deactivate this function from the STARTPCS.BAT file by placing the REM command in front of the statement containing EIMPCS.

If you need printer emulation only some of the time, you can make a copy of the STARTPCS.BAT file and deactivate the EIMPCS function in that copy. When you want printer emulation, use the original STARTPCS.BAT file to start PC Support; when you don't need printer emulation, use the copy of STARTPCS.BAT.

-Steve Bisel