TechTalk: PC Support Using Windows

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From: Neal Boyd To: All

Has anyone gotten PC Support to work with Windows? I have a Gateway 2000 PC and 386SX16 with 4MB memory. As far as I can tell, I have followed the instructions to use PCSWIN. I am using an IBM 4MB Token Ring card with TOKREUI.COM for my connection to the AS/400.

First, I start the router and then I start PCSWIN. Next, I start the shared folders. When this is done, I then start Windows. Windows is running in 386 mode. I have a PIF in Windows that starts my WSF function. When I start this icon, a window starts up and it tries to start my WSF.

At this point, my machine locks up and the only thing I can do is reboot. I have done the above procedure without starting up Windows and my WSF will start, so I know it is not a programming error. Is there something I should be aware of? I know this should work.

I just got back from Rochester, MN, and saw it done there. It seems I did not get everything I needed to make it work. I am running DOS 4.01 and I think they were on 5.0. I am running V2R1 on my AS/400 with the PTFs up to date.

From: Richard Shaler To: Neal Boyd

There is an IBM Redbook called PC Support/400 Coexistence with Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows 3.0, (GG24-3637) that might help you out. I am currently running PC Support/400 on a twinax connection under Windows 3.0. I think I finally have my PC CONFIG.SYS file setup up right. I had a difficult time getting PC Support to work under Windows. Sometimes my system would lock up and sometimes I would lose my WSF session. It was very frustrating.

From: Dave Shaw To: Neal Boyd

I have the same problem. I'm using a Gateway 2000 486/33C, with an Emerald twinax emulator board and Emerald's adapter handler. My AS/400 is V1R3 with PTFs all up to date. The Gateway has DOS 5.0 on it, with Windows 3.0. I have invested many hours in trying to get it to work, without any luck yet. I can start the adapter handler, router and WSF within a 386-enhanced mode DOS window and it runs fine, just as it does when Windows is not running. I have suspected the adapter handler, the router and PCSWIN. Your experience suggests that it is not the adapter handler, and my use of it within a window suggests it may not be the router. Perhaps there is something about PCSWIN that is not compatible with the Gateway?

From: Neal Boyd To: Dave Shaw

I have also begun to consider that. I have a Token Ring card in my PC, but I am not using a LAN package. I am using the TOKREUI.COM and PC Support. I wonder if perhaps that is not part of my problem. I am awaiting the new release of OS/2. That may be my only other option.

From: Myron Clapfish To: Neal Boyd

Are you starting PC Support in Windows with a full screen? Either select the option in the PIF editor, or press ALT-Enter to toggle from a window to a full screen. Sometimes if PC Support is not run in full screen, the computer appears to lock up.

From: Russell Sebastian To: All

I know there is supposed to be a PTF to allow PC Support to work properly under Windows 3.0, but I don't know which PTF. Can anyone help me out? I'm running V1R3 on the AS/400.

From: John Wagner To: Russell Sebastian

Try LF70675. Follow all instructions exactly, with the exception of starting WSF in a window. Use full-screen mode.