TechTalk: ?WS? Error in S/36E

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?WS? Error in S/36E

I'm currently working in the S/36 Environment. Procedure control expressions- in this case, the substitution parameter ?WS?-are "converted" when you run a procedure or CL command. This is okay except for FNDSTRPDM. When you search for '?WS?' in QS36PRC, it looks for xx (where xx=your workstation ID); or if you submit the command to batch, it substitutes #0 because the submitted job doesn't have a workstation ID of its own.

The IBM solution is to ENDS36 and run the FNDSTRPDM. In my case, my user profile was set up with special environment *S36, so I changed it to *NONE. (Otherwise, you get the message that you have to sign off to end S/36 Environment.) I created STRS36CL which is PGM..STRS36..ENDPGM, and made this my initial program. Now if I want to "go native," I can type ENDS36.