Partner TechTip: Coordinate FTP Securely from IBM i to Windows, Linux, or UNIX

System Administration
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Be secure with your data during FTP transactions.

Do you feel like you have little control over the FTP processes that transfer data amongst your various systems in your network? Are these events coordinated, or do they happen whenever someone decides to send data? Do your night operators send data to other servers as part of their duties? Have you ever missed a critical milestone in your night processing because data was late?


FTP is easy to do. FTP is very common. FTP does present problems from a security and operational standpoint. Is the data your staff is sending across the network safe? Are your nightly processing tasks tied into the processes of sending data? Deadlines are often missed because someone or some process forgot to send the data and down-level processes are adversely affected.


Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise recently was enhanced to include not only FTP, but also FTP Secure (FTPS) so that your file transmission can be sent through an FTPS server supporting the SSL application. It is just like using a secured HTTP server.


Robot/SCHEDULE jobs can now run your OS/400 command, Linux script, Windows BAT, or UNIX script in conjunction with sending data securely across your network. Figure 2 shows the setup for FTPS within a Robot/SCHEDULE job.


031910Helptnt55image 1

Figure 1: This example shows how your Robot/SCHEDULE command entry supports the FTP syntax as a command. (Click images to enlarge.)


The Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise implementation of FTPS accommodates your team with easy-to-administer, yet encrypted, passwords. This one place that your setup can be changed, and it affects any job in Robot/SCHEDULE that uses the FTP server. This will save your team an incredible amount of time. See Figure 2.



Figure 2: Establish the FTPS sign-on for ease of setup.


Just the other day, a customer commented to me, "There has to be a better way to automate these FTP processes." Yes, there is, and it is a standard feature in Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise.


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