TechTalk: Local vs. Remote Workstation Performance

System Administration
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Q: We're currently running local and remote workstations in the same AS/400 subsystem. We seem to be getting uneven local and remote communications performance with this configuration. Any suggestions?

-Dale Figaro

A: Separate the local and remote devices into different subsystems. Because of the typically slow response times associated with remote devices, the subsystem may be delayed from promptly servicing requests for locally attached devices.

To separate your remote devices from your local ones, create a new subsystem for your remote devices and use your existing subsystem for your local devices. You'll then need to use the Add Work Station Entry (ADDWSE) command to identify the remote devices in the remote subsystem description and the local devices in the local subsystem description. You can use the WRKSTN parameter to identify the workstations by name or the WRKSTNTYPE parameter to identify them by type.

-Kris Neely