TechTalk: Look Before You Leep

System Administration
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From: John Kotow To: All

We have just completed a marathon conversion from V1R2 to V2R1. We encountered bad media once again from IBM. It was tape Number 3 microcode. The installation took 13 hours, not counting the five hours lost due to bad media and securing a backup set from our branch office. The PTFs took exactly five hours to install. We have a model B45 but this is the third time we have received bad media for version upgrades and we're a little tired of planning these conversions and then having to run all over the place getting a good set. It's bad enough working a 13-hour day over a holiday weekend, but asinine to work 16 hours because of a bad copy.

From: Pete Hall To: John Kotow

I've been bitten by bad upgrade tapes a couple of times. Lately, I've been running DSPTAP DATA(*SAVRST) on all install tapes before starting. My reasoning is that this will at least demonstrate that object names are readable throughout the length of the tapes. I haven't proven that it works yet, but I figure it can't hurt.