TechTalk: ODBC PTF

System Administration
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Q: I'm trying to access DB2/400 files from Microsoft Access. Our AS/400 is running V3R0M5, and I'm using the Client Access ODBC driver. I haven't been able to open a file on the AS/400 yet. I can open files using other tools and the same ODBC driver, but not from Access. What am I doing wrong?

? Chuck Konkel

A: The good news is that you are not nearly the only person having a problem using Microsoft Access to look at files on the AS/400. In fact, IBM apparently has received quite a few calls on this problem. Recently, a set of PTFs was released that solve many of the problems associated with using Access and the ODBC driver. For V3R0M5, if you order PTF number SF23311, you will get all of the PTFs you need to solve your problem.

? Jim Hoopes