TechTalk: Operational Assistant Backups

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Operational Assistant Backups

From: Michael Moschitta To: All

I got the Operational Assistant backups running just fine after many PTFs from IBM. Does anyone know how to have the output go anywhere else besides default system queue? Also, the tapes don't unload when they are done. Any hints?

From: Chuck Keel To: Michael Moschitta

We use a job schedule entry (in V2R2's built-in job scheduler) to run the command CHKTAP DEV(????) ENDOPT(*UNLOAD) to unload at a time we know that the backup will be finished.

Editor's Note: We published a Rewind Tape (RWDTAP) command in the October 1991 issue of MC. You can use it instead of CHKTAP, making sure to specify UNLOAD(*YES).