What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

Editor's Letter
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Magazines or books? Hard copy or digital? What and how do you prefer to read?

It’s summer! It’s the time for taking vacations, putting meat on the grill, and eating fresh peaches.

MC Press Magazine 2017 06 read the June issueIt’s also time to relax with your favorite reading material while you’re hanging out at the pool, lake, or beach. Back in the day, you’d grab your magazines and/or books and stuff them into your tote bag along with your towel, a hat, your beverage of choice, and some snacks. But these days, instead of hard copy, you’re more likely stuffing a laptop, tablet, or smartphone into your bag because that’s where your reading material resides.

So what’s on your summer reading list? You say you prefer magazines? Perfect! You’re off to a great start! In this issue of MC Press Magazine, you’ll find a couple of RPG articles by Joe Pluta and Brian May. Joe tells you how to give indicators the heave-ho, and Brian reveals some other directions to go if you simply cannot get RDi. Steve Pitcher will then scare the pants off you with his stories about IT outages. Aaron Bartell continues to enlighten you about Node.js, this time with a focus on DB2. And if you haven’t ever thought about the relationship between security and backup strategies, Carol Woodbury will set you straight on that subject. Dave Shirey and John Ghrist continue their investigation into Watson. Dave has more to tell you about the Watson products available to you, and John shows you how Watson can assist you in your marketing endeavors. And as a special offering, available only here in MC Press Magazine, Rafael Victoria-Pereira launches his series on Big Data.

But wait. Did I hear you say you prefer books? OK, then. Maybe you’d like to check out The Washington Post summer reading list. You’ll find current events, history, historical fiction, sci-fi, memoirs, biographies, mysteries…and so on. Have you noticed what’s missing? Of course, you have. Your favorite: tech. No worries. We have that. And in honor of your passion for summer reading, we’re having a huge sale. So amble over to the MC Press Bookstore. Check out the $5 rack. Look on the $10 table. Browse the shelves that offer books that are more than 75 percent off the cover price. At prices like these, you can read all summer long without busting your budget. But you can’t buy them all summer long. This sale runs only during July. So buy enough books now to satisfy your summer reading needs. As with magazines, you can get them in hard copy or e-book format, whichever fits your style.

And what am I reading this summer? Garner’s Modern American Usage. Yeah, I’m kind of geeky too, but in a different way. Before I crack open that book, however, I need to fire up the grill. There’s a gorgeous ribeye calling to me.

Happy summer reading!

Victoria Mack

Victoria Mack has been an editor and author for MC Press Online (formerly Midrange Computing) since 1994 and has held the position of Executive Editor since 2001. Victoria is also a freelance editor, author, and educator.  

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