IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator V8.0 Enhances Support for IBM WebSphere Portal

Mobile Solutions
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IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator V8.0 is an integrated, server-side infrastructure offering that enables the design and deployment of mobile solutions, including the enablement of mobile web technologies for:

  • Multichannel access of portal content
  • Write once, render on multiple devices
  • Support of the mobile portal navigation model that enables more usable and flexible navigation on wireless devices


A mobile portal represents a set of pages with menu links that appear as text, icons, or both. These links allow end users to navigate to sub-menus or content pages. Mobile Portal Accelerator integrates with IBM WebSphere Portal platform services, delivering security-rich, scalable, and personalized mobile services including:

  • Navigation, personalized  experience, and multidevice rendering
  • User registration and profile management
  • Security, access control, and single sign-on
  • Aggregation of a broad mix of  applications into a unified display
  • Portal logging services for mobile page monitoring and usage pattern analysis


The device-specific adaptation of the Mobile Portal Accelerator multichannel server enables separation of portlet development from page layout and branding. It also allows for the optimization of the content based on the device-specific capabilities. The diversity of mobile devices continues to increase, as do their capabilities. Devices differ in their physical characteristics (screen size and keyboard), viewing patterns (kiosks and television), as well as in the markup languages supported by their browsers.


Delivering a high-quality user experience is increasingly dependent on device-aware tooling and runtime device recognition that can optimize delivery based on device specific capabilities. Mobile Portal Accelerator can accelerate web content delivery that matches the specific capabilities of a broad array of mobile device types, thus enhance and improve the user experience.


IBM® Mobile Portal Accelerator V8.0, when used with IBM WebSphere® Portal, gives you improved support for market-leading smartphones and tablets.


New features:

  • Supports IBM WebSphere Portal V8.0
  • Includes updated standard mobile theme
  • Supports IBM Web Content Manager rich text
  • Updated Multi-Channel V6.3.1
  • Updated Media Access Proxy V6.3.1


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