ICS Announces FormsTrack iDelivery

Mobile Solutions
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Integrated Custom Software, Inc. introduces a complementary module, FormsTrack iDelivery, to their FormSprint document control package. FormsTrack iDelivery works with an Apple iPad ap to download delivery documents to the iPad.

After logging in through the iPad, a driver's deliveries are automatically downloaded to the iPad. When a delivery is made, items may be checked off, comments added and the delivery signed for on the iPad. The signature and comments become part of the document, which is returned to the IBM i via the i's Apache web server.

Once the order status has been sent to the IBM i, FormsTrack iDelivery automatically emails the customer's copy. Delivery status is updated throughout the day as deliveries are made. This give the distribution center immediate feedback that a delivery has been made and there may be issues, such as missing or spoiled merchandise, that need to be dealt with in a timely fashion. With paper documents, delivery status typically would not be available until the driver returns to the distribution center.

In addition to improving customer service, the reduction in printing and handling of paper documents can result in considerable savings for the distributor over time.