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The new release of Kisco Information Systems bi-directional interface to the Twitter social networking service, SNDTWEET, runs on the IBM i and can be used to post messages through Twitter and accept responses for error messages, status inquiries and user developed applications.

The latest version, release level 4, includes a new Watch function along with expanded duplicate tweet checking capabilities. The new release also complies with Twitter’s requirement to use the OAuth authentication protocol through the HTTPS protocol along with other security and stability enhancements.

The new Watch function lets you define a watch monitor for any message queue on your system, looking for the arrival of a specific message ID at that message queue. The Watch function differs from the message queue monitor in that it looks for specific message IDs while the queue monitor checks all messages that are at a given severity level or higher. Both the Watch function and the Monitor function can be used concurrently on the same message queue. A single Watch can be set, or you can run multiple watches concurrently for different situations.

Also included in the new Watch function is the capability to keep an eye on the ASP utilization percentage on the system. Running out of disc space on the IBM i can be catastrophic. Using this function, if the ASP % changes by a given amount, a tweet is issued warning of the change so that action can be taken well in advance of any serious problem.

The world at Twitter is in frequent change and to keep up with changes that affect SNDTWEET, Kisco is now registered to receive advance notice of changes to the Twitter API. As a result of advance notification, Kisco was able to change the SNDTWEET interface so that recent imposition of requirements to attach to the Twitter API through the HTTPS protocol were made in advance of the changeover.

Improved in Release 4 is the process to pre-check tweets from message queue monitoring functions for possible duplicate tweet rejection. This can easily happen when using the message queue monitor function. Twitter rejects duplicate tweets from a user within a variable time period. SNDTWEET takes steps to prevent the rejection of an identical tweet within a variable time window that is now controlled by the customer.

In addition to these new capabilities, SNDTWEET continues to provide a System i interface to the Twitter service for all other networking functions. Implemented features in SNDTWEET allow customers to monitor message queues, including submitting remote responses to error messages. It also includes a unique file activity monitoring tool. Customers can implement their own applications including personal tweets, project coordination, company informational tweets, and a whole host of other applications limited only by creative thinking. Any time something happens on your System i that multiple people need to know about right away, SNDTWEET can be used to notify the group easily and immediately.

SNDTWEET, is priced at $395.00 for a single partition installation on any IBM System i computer including Power Systems, i5, iSeries and AS400. For companies with several systems, Kisco offers multiple-license discounts. An LPAR price of $595.00 lets you install SNDTWEET in multiple partitions for a single price.. Kisco Information Systems offers a free 30-day evaluation of the product that can be downloaded with complete software documentation in PDF format from To obtain a free evaluation on CD call Kisco at (518) 897-5002 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..