-IBM integrates Anaconda Team Edition repository with Watson Studio

-Anaconda will feature IBM’s Watson Studio no-charge plan to its community of 20 million data scientists


Anaconda, Inc., provider of the leading Python data science platform, and IBM Watson today announced a new collaboration to help simplify enterprise adoption of AI open-source technologies. By working together, the two companies plan to help fuel innovation and address the AI and data science skills gap that many enterprises face today.

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Company honors 35 professionals from 12 countries, as new global survey shows benefits of diversity to AI -- but notes that work is still needed to close gender gap

IBM at its Think Digital conference unveiled its list of Women Leaders in AI, recognizing 35 exceptional female business leaders from 12 countries who are using artificial intelligence to drive transformation, growth and innovation across a wide variety of industries.

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Powered by IBM Blockchain, the solution can help healthcare organizations and government agencies in the US and Canada rapidly identify and onboard alternative vendors

Initially available at no cost to qualifying buyers and suppliers

As part of IBM's approach to combating COVID-19 with technology solutions that enable more trustworthy information, accelerated discovery, resiliency and adaptation, the company today announced IBM Rapid Supplier Connect, a blockchain-based network designed to help government agencies and healthcare organizations identify new, non-traditional suppliers who have pivoted to address the shortage of equipment, devices and supplies needed for COVID-19 relief efforts.

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Engagements with government agencies, healthcare organizations and academic institutions around the world including in Arkansas, California, Georgia, New York, Texas, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Spain and UK

With COVID-19 affecting 206 countries, areas and territories, IBM is helping government agencies, healthcare organizations and academic institutions throughout the world use AI to put critical data and information into the hands of their citizens.

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IBM's World Community Grid hosts Scripps Research project to help scientists virtually screen chemical compounds that might help fight COVID-19

IBM today announced that anyone in the world with a PC, laptop or Mac and an Internet connection could help scientists seek chemical compounds that might be effective against COVID-19.

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Hyper-local Data, News and Information on The Weather Channel app and Help Keep You Informed About the Coronavirus

In this challenging time when more than one in four Americans are under "shelter-in-place" orders1, IBM is offering free tools to track reported COVID-19 cases near you and help you stay informed.

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New Modeling System IBM GRAF Offers More Timely and Precise Local Forecasts, Democratizing Weather Around the Globe

IBMand its subsidiary The Weather Company today announced the global rollout of a new supercomputer-driven weather forecasting system that will provide fresher, higher quality forecasts in parts of the world that have never before had access to state-of-the-art weather data.

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Bridging public, private and not-for-profit sectors worldwide, IBM makes technology such as Watson Discovery and Natural Language Processing available to help fight human trafficking

IBM today announced that Watson Discovery and Natural Language Processing technology, along with IBM public cloud technology, is now being used by public, private and not-for-profit organizations as they collaborate to disrupt human trafficking.

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