IBM Cloud Management Console for Power Systems helps simplify and improve managing Power Systems servers across multiple locations

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IBM Cloud Management Console for IBM Power Systems gives you a consolidated view of the capacity, inventory, patch level, and logging information of the Power Systems servers in your enterprise so you can simplify and improve their management. This offering is delivered with term licenses, which provide greater flexibility for deployment and cost control. After signing up for Cloud Management Console, clients can securely access the offering in the IBM Cloud.

The data used to provide this insight is securely transmitted and stored in the IBM Cloud using a cloud connector that is included in the Cloud Management Console Updates web page. These cloud connectors are disabled by default and must be configured with special keys to allow any data to be available for analytics in Cloud Management Console for Power Systems.

Cloud Management Console for Power Systems has been built with modern user interfaces that work especially well with mobile devices, tablets, and browsers. Because it is hosted in the IBM Cloud, the applications are accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. Cloud Management Console also includes convenient icons to launch popular Power® software such as IBM PowerVC, IBM PowerSC™, and IBM PowerHA®.