IBM Cloud Private V3.1 strengthens its integrated cloud platform with application modernization for more effective, agile development with microservices

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IBM Cloud™ Private V3.1 brings an integrated platform for developing and managing containerized applications:

  • Provides an integrated cloud platform for enterprise workloads that need to be securely run behind your firewalls.
  • Features application analytics, integration, monitoring, and security tools that are ready for immediate use to consistently manage IBM® and non-IBM based workloads, providing a consistent and resilient way to build, deploy, and manage applications
  • Includes IBM Cloud Automation Manager, IBM Microclimate, IBM Runtimes, IBM Transformation Advisor, and IBM Vulnerability Advisor
  • Introduces Hybrid Cloud Manager, a new member of the IBM Cloud Private product family, for true multicloud, multicluster management
  • Powers new business models for IBM MQ and IBM WebSphere® Application Server with new, hourly pricing support through metering capability

IBM Cloud Private for Application Modernization offers IBM Cloud Private capabilities plus:

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
  • IBM MQ Advanced
  • IBM API Connect® Professional

IBM Multi-cloud Manager V3.1 is an enterprise-grade, multicloud, multicluster management solution, purpose-built to address the policy, compliance, and application management challenges of multiple clusters:

  • Set and enforce polices for security, applications, and infrastructure (auto enforcement at cluster level)
  • Check compliance against deployment parameters, configuration, and policies
  • Automatically remediate violations
  • Deploy applications across clusters based on policy compliance, development versus test, and so on
  • Automatically update monitoring dashboard based on deployment
  • Understand failure dependencies and identify the affected system if a shared component fails