IBM Connections Social on Cloud Basic provides new option for employees with minimal collaboration requirements

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IBM Connections Social on Cloud Basic provides the same basic collaboration capabilities as IBM Connections Cloud, but with limited function for specific users. IBM Connections Social on Cloud Basic brings a more focused feature set for those employees that do not require an expanded collaboration toolkit:

  • A lower-cost entry to IBM Connections Cloud, intended for specific user populations in a company's Connections cloud organization.
  • Purpose-built for companies, such as those in retail or manufacturing, with large employee populations that require access to company information, but without the need for full collaboration capabilities.
  • Company knowledge workers and those users with full collaboration requirements will need the IBM Connections Social on Cloud offering. IBM Connections Social on Cloud Basic is not intended for all company employees, as it has very limited collaboration capabilities.

Benefits of IBM Connections Social on Cloud Basic:

  • The social dashboard provides a single view of a user's social business network, with access to applications and meetings, and a view of events and content for access to in-progress work items, support forums, profile information, and storage information.
  • User profiles and contacts can be easily managed across the user's business network inside and outside of the organization.
  • The focused feature set enables users to work together with people with shared files and bookmarks; create and share new communities with customized permissions; search for content across communities; send community emails; create and manage community surveys; create wikis, blogs, and ideation blogs; and contribute to discussion forums.
  • Mobile apps.

IBM Connections Social on Cloud Basic is intended to be used by only those user populations in a customer organization whose primary requirement is to consume, but not contribute, company content. Personal Files storage, Invite Guests, and Instant Messaging are not included in IBM Connections Social on Cloud Basic. Company knowledge workers and those employees who require the capability to contribute or store content can benefit from an expanded collaboration toolkit in the more robust IBM Connections Social on Cloud offering.

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