MachNation Launches Test Lab Comparing Internet of Things Platforms: IoT Platform Revenue to Reach USD65 Billion in 2026

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Today MachNation, the world's leading analyst firm researching IoT platforms and middleware, has launched MachNation IoT Test Environment (MIT-E), an IoTplatform test lab. MachNation developers test IoT platforms in MIT-E and provide valuable, hands-on test data to enterprises looking to evaluate and buy IoT platform services.

Enterprises are seeking actual hands-on data about the performance, features and capabilities of IoT platforms. According to MachNation research, there are over 400 IoT platforms in the market worldwide. But enterprises buying IoT platform services find that the platforms have differing capabilities. Until today, there were no reputable sources of data comparing actual use of IoT platforms.

"By having our developers connect devices to and test these platforms, we can provide extremely useful enterprise data related to platform access control, analytics, data management, device management, event processing, integration and monitoring," said Dima Tokar, CTO and head analyst, MachNation. "Enterprises can review MIT-E test data based on tests of 70 workflows with 280 detailed scores for each IoT platform."

With thousands of data points in the MIT-E database, enterprises will have access to a rich source of comparison data. MachNation has launched MIT-E with tests of 5 IoT platforms including Amazon AWS IoT, Bosch IoT Suite, GE Predix, IBM Watson IoT Platform and Microsoft IoT. According to MachNation estimates, these 5 platforms account for 15% of worldwide IoT platform sales today, leaving hundreds of other platforms competing for an enormous IoT platform market worth USD65 billion worldwide by 2026.

"For the first time, there is an affordable way to provide enterprises with actual, hands-on IoT platform test data," said Steve Hilton, President, MachNation. "MachNation's insights into IoT platforms and middleware make it the only analyst firm capable of offering a test lab and test data like MIT-E."

For a limited time, MachNation is offering a complete MIT-E Report of 5 vendors' test data with a filterable Microsoft Excel file for USD395. Nowhere else can enterprises receive such a robust set of IoT platform test data for leading platforms at this price.

MachNation is continuing to add additional IoT vendors to MIT-E. Vendors of application enablement platforms (AEPs), device management platforms (DMPs), analytics platforms and IoT orchestration platforms that wish to be included in MIT-E can contact MachNation for additional terms and pricing.

Visit the MIT-E website to learn more about MIT-E and download a free sample MIT-E report covering Amazon AWS IoT.

For more information about MIT-E, please visit

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