IBM i 7.3 TR5 adds support for IBM Power System E980 servers and more

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IBM i 7.3 TR5 offers a major focus on support for the newly announced IBM Power System E980 servers. This Technology Refresh includes some significant enhancements to IBM Db2 for i, IBM Rational® Developer for i, and IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS), and adds some new open source environments.

IBM Db2 for i

With IBM i 7.3 TR5, Db2 for i continues to focus on new and advanced SQL capabilities and the ability to use SQL to access IBM i operating system detail. Further, Db2 for i delivers a new capability for the database engineer to manage data description language (DDL).

Licensed Program Products for IBM i

IBM i Access Client Solutions

The strategic interface for accessing and managing IBM i continues to be improved and enhanced. Version 1.8 includes many updates for the IBM i user as well as for the IBM i Db2 database engineer.

IBM Rational Developer for i

The strategic tooling for the IBM i application developer continues to be enhanced to help improve the productivity of your developers. One significant change to Rational Developer for i is the new PDM-like view.

Open source

A greatly expanded suite of open source offerings enables easier application development and system administration. In addition, the installation and management of open source packages is now significantly easier.


IBM Power System E980 model 9080-M9S

The newly announced IBM Power System E980 servers continue the traditional focus on security and reliability, while also improving the handling of data-intensive and cloud workloads. I/O bandwidths have been greatly increased, allowing for greater throughput in a smaller footprint.

Unmap of thin-provisioned external storage

For native and NPIV-attached IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ configurations with IBM i that make use of thin provisioning, the IBM i operating systems has implemented the architected unmap function to allow the storage system to reuse space that has been freed by IBM i.

Multipath support for 3592-E05 and 3592-E06

Clients using older 3592-E05 and 3592-E06 drives in a TS3500 tape library can now take advantage of the tape multipath function that is already available for newer drive types. This enables the TS3500 with 3592-E05 and 3592-E06 drives to be attached to multiple redundant adapters and VIOS partitions for improved availability, and can also simplify the SAN management for a TS3500 tape library with multiple drive types.


IBM i 7.3 TR5 is supported on selected IBM Power Systems™ servers:

  • Power Systems servers with IBM POWER9™ technology-based processors
  • Power Systems servers with IBM POWER8® technology-based processors
  • Power Systems servers with IBM POWER7® or IBM POWER7 + processors

Clients using blades or PureFlex® systems, and those using servers with IBM POWER6® or IBM POWER6 + or earlier processors, need to move to newer systems to take advantage of the new features in IBM i 7.3 TR5.

For up-to-date information on all types of code levels needed for support of a particular feature, see the Power Systems Prerequisites website.


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