Seiden Group Announces New PHP Migration & Support Services

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Expands services for IT teams facing “end-of-life” for free Zend Server Basic 

Seiden Group, specialists in IBM i open source, application development, and training, today announces migration and support services for IBM i teams who want to adopt the new, free 64-bit Community PHP for IBM i as their PHP environment.

Traditionally, IBM i teams desiring no-charge PHP would obtain a free license for Zend Server Basic from Zend’s parent company, Perforce. On April 14, 2020, Perforce announced end-of-life for Zend Server Basic licenses. As of June 30, 2021, companies with a no-charge license for Zend Server Basic will be required to upgrade to paid versions to continue using Zend Server.

To fill the gap left by Zend Server Basic in the IBM i market, Zend and IBM worked together to offer license-free Community PHP, also known as Open PHP.

Even prior to Perforce’s end-of-life announcement for Zend Server Basic, clients called on Seiden Group to help them move to the new PHP.

“They liked the fact that Community PHP is lightweight and fast, that the 64-bit architecture protects them from memory issues, and that installation and updates are easily done via Yum RPMs,” explains Alan Seiden, Principal at Seiden Group.

With their new PHP Migration Service, Seiden’s team sets up and configures Community PHP with the client’s choice of web server, ensures Db2 for i connectivity, migrates settings from any previous PHP installation, and provides popular extensions that are not part of the base Community PHP RPM package, such as the ibm_db2 native extension. “We expect our library of extensions to grow based on demand,” says Seiden.

In addition, Seiden Group has also formalized their ad-hoc PHP support into a production-level service offering. “We’ve been fielding requests for PHP troubleshooting and support for years,” Seiden says. “As more clients experience our team’s responsiveness and results, we’ve seen an increase in requests for a formal PHP support package.”

Seiden’s PHP on IBM i Production Support covers all PHP environments on IBM i, including Zend Server Basic (until it is withdrawn) and new Community PHP. Support extends to the full PHP stack, including web server, Db2 for i connectivity, RPG integration, and advice on system upgrades. It also includes proactive monitoring and other services to prevent unplanned downtime.

Together with existing Seiden Group services, these two new options create a suite of four PHP on IBM i services—PHP Migration, PHP Production Support, PHP Training, and PHP Application Development.

For more information about PHP services from Seiden Group, call 201.447.2437, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit the Community PHP for IBM i section of the Seiden Group website.

About Seiden Group

Seiden Group specializes in innovative, reliable software solutions using PHP, Node.js, Python, IBM i, Db2, API and open source technologies. They assist CIOs, IT Directors, and IBM i teams in all phases of modernization and development—from setting up the ideal development environment, to training, to architecting and coding solutions that people love to use.


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