Kisco Releases SafeNet/i V11

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Kisco Information Systems today announced the immediate availability of version 11 of SafeNet/i, their popular and industry leading solution for IBM i network security. The new release features implementation of tracking for TCP/IP socket connections to the IBM i system.

About the product

At its core, SafeNet/i is a network security package for the IBM i family of platforms. It uses IBM i operating system exit points to protect your system from unauthorized connections from common network sources including IBM i Access Solutions, System i Navigator, FTP and ODBC, and others. The product includes complete audit tools including access logging, audit reporting and automatic notifications. Access can be controlled through user profiles and various control parameters, such as time of day or day of week controls. Furthermore, SafeNet/I allows you to implement these controls without changing your system security configuration.

First released in 1996, SafeNet/i was, at that time, the only available exit point based solution for network security. Now, twenty two years and eleven releases later, Kisco Information Systems continues to retain its position of market leadership.

New in Version 11

Release 11 of SafeNet/i now includes controls for TCP/IP socket connections. The IBM i OS socket exit points (since release 7.2) support three different socket connection controls for TCP Accept, TCP Connect and TCP Listen. Release 11 of SafeNet/i logs all of these socket connections and lets you control them based on the source IP address of the system establishing the connection and the port number they are using for the connection. SafeNet/i gives you three levels of control over socket connections to allow the level of security you determine to be implemented.

SafeNet/i Release 11 also includes a new user maintenance interface for traditional terminal users. The new interface brings all aspects of access control that apply to a user together so that, in a single session, all applicable aspects of the user's access can be viewed and maintained. For users that are familiar with the previous maintenance approach, it is still available, but Kisco feels that after using the new approach, customers will want to switch over quickly.

SafeNet/i also includes a browser interface, which is available for all customers. It includes administrative controls, transaction history review options, global settings control and much more. All functions available via the traditional 5250 interface are available using the Web-Central interface.

A feature, only available through the Web-Central browser interface, is a startup dashboard feature. When an authorized SafeNet/i administrator first logs on to Web-Central, a quick status review of the software is presented. Security warnings are highlighted and current status information about the software is shown. From here, a more detailed status report can also be obtained.

Also available with the Web-Central interface is a global review of all users currently registered within SafeNet/i. This display panel shows users authorized for remote access along with quick links to the details for each type of access.

From here you can drill down to the details, remove the users completely or register new users using existing rules for a specific user.

The browser application is hosted on the IBM i platform using an Apache server instance. The software comes with all of the configuration objects needed to get the server instance up and running quickly.

SafeNet/i still includes all of the tight security controls that have been featured since its initial announcement. Customers can have explicit control over what network servers can be used by specific users and what objects they are allowed to work with. Additional controls provide SQL verb selection limits, FTP command usage limits and control over IP addresses connecting to the system for each monitored exit point. It also lets you control which IP addresses outbound FTP session are allowed to connect with.

Pricing and Availability

SafeNet/i is available in two versions, SafeNet/i Lite and SafeNet/i Basic. It is available for IBM i systems running the IBM i OS levels 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3. Pricing is based on the number of active users on a system. The Lite version starts at $1,425.00 for unlimited users and the Basic version starts at $2,745.00 for a 25 user license.

The Lite version provides entry-level network controls allowing shops to secure server functions at the user profile level. Some limited access to the Web- Central interface is available, but full use requires the Basic software level.

The Basic package includes all of the Lite features plus network security to the object level. It also permits controls at the SQL verb level, CL command level, FTP command level and much more. Full support for the Web-Central browser interface is supported at this level.

Full product specs and other information, including white papers, demos and security tips are available at


Kisco Information Systems offers a free 30-day evaluation of the product. The documentation can be downloaded in PDF format from To obtain a free evaluation of SafeNet/i call Kisco at (518) 897-5002 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..