TechTip: Check Your Triggers on V5R1

IBM i (OS/400, i5/OS)
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As a minor trigger enhancement in V5R1, the restriction that prevented triggers from being defined over tables with binary large object (BLOB) or character large object (CLOB) columns was eliminated. As part of the infrastructure changes, the values in the trigger buffer passed to the trigger program may be different once you start running your triggers in V5R1. Trigger programs that are properly coded to access the trigger buffer values (e.g., a new record image) by using the provided offsets and lengths will run without any problems on V5R1; however, improperly designed trigger programs that accessed the trigger buffer values by hard-coding access to the old and new record images may not function as expected after you install V5R1.

When installing V5R1, take the time to verify that your trigger program design and implementation is correct. The offset and length values passed in the trigger program buffer can change at any time.

-- Kent Milligan
DB2 UDB for iSeries Technology Team
PartnerWorld for Developers, iSeries
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