BCD’s New Presto 5 Gives Your IBM i Green Screens an Even More Modern Web GUI

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Key new features include redesigned skins, macros and new Visual Editor elements.

BCD Int’l Inc., an IBM i industry leader for over 36 years, has announced the release of Presto 5.0, their rapid green screen web enablement and modernization tool.

According to Eric Figura, BCD’s Director of Sales and Marketing, “This version of Presto is a big milestone for us. The new skins will give our customers a better experience by offering an even more modern web GUI out of the box. With every release, the Visual Editor also does more for our customers with new elements, like Google® Maps, that you can add to your screens without coding HTML. We also addressed some other common requests, like macros to improve navigation and Kerberos support."

New Skins

Presto’s skins, which control the overall style and appearance of your web-enabled green screens, have been completely redesigned. The new skins, along with their mobile layouts, have a more modern web design, use larger fonts, and are easier to customize to match your organization’s look. The out-of-the-box skins are also consistent with the WebSmart template themes that were released earlier this year.


Presto’s new macro feature helps you improve how end users navigate screens. Macros allow you to record keystrokes that you can attach to a screen’s UI elements, like links or buttons. When a user interacts with those UI elements, they advance to their desired screens without navigating through multiple screens of menu options. Since macros work on the server side, they execute very quickly.

Google® Maps and More Visual Editor Elements The Visual Editor includes new UI elements that you can add to your screens without coding HTML, including Google® Maps that can show the location of an address from the screen, and a spinner, which is a mobile-friendly way to increment a numeric field. Presto 4.8, which was released in September, included the ability to add tabs to screens.

Tabs help organize data and unclutter screens, and can be used to navigate from one program to another. Presto 4.8 also included many icons (print, refresh) that you can drag and drop onto screens. For example, you can add a question mark icon and attach an F1 response to display help.

Customizable Palette and Kerberos Support

You can now customize the Visual Editor Palette by adding elements with your own pre-defined properties or CSS classes.

Presto also supports Kerberos, a solution that provides SSO across multiple applications.

About Presto

Presto is the fastest way to give green screens a rich web GUI that is accessible from browsers on PCs and mobile devices. It transforms all green screens (RPG and COBOL programs, menus, third party and system screens) to web pages without requiring any source code changes. Presto also gives you the most flexibility to add new functionality with its Visual Editor or by making changes to the HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

Watch a video or request a free trial of Presto 5.0 at http://www.bcdsoftware.com/presto5.

Sign up for our November 7 webinar for a detailed overview of the key new features: See how new Presto 5 gives your IBM i green screens an even more web GUI.