New Aldon Plug-Ins Offer Tighter Control for WDSc and Eclipse Developers

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Aldon, a leading provider of process-driven application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, has announced the availability of feature-rich plug-ins designed specifically for the Remote System Explorer (RSE) programming environment in conjunction with Aldon Lifecycle Manager (System i Edition). Compatible with both Websphere Development Studio Client (WDSc) and Eclipse IDEs, the Aldon plug-ins offer several convenient features that deepen code analysis and bring tighter visibility and control across the application lifecycle including enhanced compare and merge capabilities, promotion of code functionality, ability to set user defaults, and improved browsing for tasks and objects feature. 

"Access, control, and visibility of code are major benefits for developers and managers alike, and it's what Aldon is consistently delivering. These plug-ins represent our continued efforts to enhance the Aldon System i offering and ultimately increase developer productivity," says Matt Scholl, COO and president of Aldon. 

The resulting Aldon Lifecycle Manager (System i Edition) plug-ins allow users to do the following:

·       Flexible selection of objects for compare and merge in RSE

Developers now have the ability to select any active object for comparison purposes including objects in other releases, the central repository, testing stages or from any other development environment. Developers are able to see the big picture of what prior work has been done across the lifecycle and can merge their own development work accordingly.

·       Promote from within RSE

With the new plug-ins, users are able to perform a promote action through the entire lifecycle, across each development stage, speeding up development times and creating a streamlined process.

·       Select and identify objects and tasks in RSE

Now when trying to locate specific tasks or objects, the plug-ins allow users to identify the task or object by entering a general name or by displaying a list valid for the identified release.

·       Set User Defaults

When objects or tasks are assigned to a developer, the plug-ins make it simple to assign task parameters and user defaults to the appropriate developer to reflect proper check-ins and check-outs and necessary resources for a project. Users can set the defaults right from the plug-in, making it easier to control who has access to what and when.


The Aldon plug-ins will be available before the end of January and can then be downloaded for free from the Aldon customer Web site.

About Aldon

Aldon is a leading provider of application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions that bring the benefits of process-driven application change management to IT and accelerating the delivery of mission-critical business applications. Aldon ALM solutions support today's agile organizations by enabling IT teams to greatly improve their products' time to market, reduce business disruptions, achieve regulatory compliance, and increase return on investment. More than 1,300 companies, including 70 of the Fortune 100, rely on Aldon ALM solutions for enterprise software configuration and change management for their IT business processes. Established in 1979, Aldon has its headquarters in Emeryville, Calif., and maintains 16 offices worldwide serving more than 40 countries. For more information, please visit