Remain Software’s Solutions Emerge Stronger and Ready to Give you and your Business a Productivity Boost in the Release of the Latest Version of its Solutions

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Remain Software delivers today the latest and final version of its four change-management, workflow, API editing, and developer tools: TD/OMS, Gravity, Remain API Studio, and MiWorkplace.

The release is the result of a year of ongoing dedication from the company’s team, focused on adapting to customers' evolving needs and the innovations from the market. The release further Remain’s commitment to update its solutions and features notable and exciting enhancements to existing features, the addition of new ones, and many fixes, marking expansions in clarity, productivity and control as users navigate business project-management and end-to-end software and application development.

TD/OMS V13 incorporates an array of intuitive refinements aimed at having a direct impact on your productivity and, ultimately, on customers’ management of software application change and lifecycle. These include: enhancements to the build queue like ‘Preferences’ being accessible through the build queue view, the possibility to set a timer, and the automatic loading of all objects related to a task when an object is added; improvements in the ‘Open with’ menu, which now includes all the editors that are supported for a file and allows messages to be edited directly; the addition of dependencies to the MQT (Materialized Query Table); the possibility to make comments in the GUI as well as the green screen; improvements to the Git view; integration with our evolving development environment for IBMi, MiWorkplace; the option to search a word filter in object maintenance; and the ability to export the results of an Xref query to CSV, among others.

Gravity V6 comes with enhancements that increase productivity across teams and expand the advantages of choosing it as a business-collaboration and project-workflow-management tool. Some are: the possibility to sign in with your email as well as your user name for convenience; the option to export the content of the filter view to an Excel file, as well as filter data; the addition to the filter view of the possibility to sort by columns, and also to group by item field; and more. Combining Gravity with TD/OMS compounds and optimizes both of their capabilities for ultimate end-to-end application-lifecycle management, including change-management, DevOps and workflow.

Remain API Studio V2.1. Our API studio and editor comes more complete and easier to use than ever in this release. Outstanding new features include the addition of full-fledged testing capabilities within the studio and a fully integrated auto-mock server, the introduction of global tags, generation of documentations and configurations, the option to define global responses and global callbacks and easily reuse them elsewhere in your OpenAPI document, and many more exciting new enhancements.

MiWorkplace V1.27. Since this functional evolving development environment for the IBMi was acquired by Remain Software, it has done nothing but improve, and the release of this new version is no exception. From its integration with TD/OMS, to the inclusion of a flexible filtering system, notable enhancements to the Job view and the library, the possibility to quickly increase and decrease the font size and navigate between previous and next by using shortcuts, to the option of toggling between the IFS and QSys objects added to the toolbar, and so much more to discover.

Engineered for both IBM i and multi-platform architecture, all four solutions are ever-improving with the release of quarterly milestones that culminate in a final release every summer.

For a quick preview, please see a few highlights with images below. For more information, visit the Final Release landing pages at:


Gravity V6:

Remain API Studio V2.1:

MiWorkplace V1.27: