ACOM Solutions Adds Ease-of-Use Enhancements in EZContentManager

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A faster, easier document storage, access, retrieval and distribution experience awaits both rank-and-file users and system administrators as a result of enhancements included in ACOM Solutions, Inc.'s EZContentManager V3.3, it was announced today by James R. Scott, senior vice president, ACOM Solutions, Inc.

EZContentManager, ACOM's Web-based document management system, allows companies to centralize corporate files of any type in a single password-secured data repository, with browser-driven retrieval and distribution engines providing fast and convenient searching and handling under metadata or full-text search. EZContentManager 3.3 is now shipping and is available without charge to customers under maintenance contract.

Key enhancements of EZContentManager 3.3 include:
  • Multiple file upload from the File Management Screen
  • Session management tools
  • Extended file export capabilities
  • Extended file import capabilities
  • Multiple process manager capabilities
  • Extended file status management
  • Flags column in the File Management window
  • Additional validation for address book contacts

Users can now streamline processes through the ability to access, edit, and distribute multiple documents simultaneously, as well as create processes in one folder that can be reused in others. In collections processes, for example, when billing documents are brought to screen the operator can also summon associated correspondence in one operation versus bringing up each relevant document singly and sequentially.

Enhancements to the export and import utilities enable users to export reports to Excel, PDF, or CSV files on demand and to use metadata to rename files during the import process. Process management enhancements include the ability to use multiple working folders/subfolders in the same process; document class independence, which allows total flexibility in the types of documents that can be assigned to folders; and the ability to indicate distributions to multiple internal and external contacts and distribution lists. A file status management tool enables users to define document status in addition to the defaults provided by the system (draft, approved, etc.).

Using the new session management tool administrators can determine such details as which users are logged into the system, length of time they are logged in, and their level of usage. A user that forgot to log out for the day can be logged off, for example; if seen to be inactive for a period of time, a user can be messaged within the system to log out.

"EZContentManager came to market as a solution that was easier to implement, easier to use, easier to manage, and easier to afford," Scott said. "Our focus continues to be on providing the best possible user experience with a productivity tool that is ideally suited to the document management and retention needs of mid-size enterprises or departments and branches of large organizations."

About ACOM Solutions, Inc.

Now in its 24th year of business, ACOM Solutions, Inc. develops and implements advanced modular software systems for document output, document/content management, secure corporate payments, and B2B EDI/XML e-commerce applications, marketing them domestically and through overseas partners. Corporate headquarters are in Long Beach, California. System i Software Division headquarters are in Duluth, Georgia; and regional offices are located in several major U.S. cities. For more information call 800-699-5758, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit