Did You Know That Most IBM i Sites Change More Than Three Pickup Trucks’ Worth of Data Per Day?!

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Maxava, a global leader in IBM i high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) software for both on-premise and cloud environments, has provided critical insights for organizations running applications on the IBM i platform.


With nearly 16 years spent helping hundreds of customers of all sizes to protect their data, the ISV has developed a very solid understanding of the data volumes processed by IBM i sites around the world.


So, how much data is the average IBM i site changing on a daily basis?


“A single transaction can be made up of many data adds, updates, deletes, moves and changes”, explains Simon O’Sullivan, Senior VP at Maxava. “We’ve found that on average a small IBM i site will replicate around 3 Gigabytes of journal transactions over 24 hours, while a medium-sized site generates around 17 Gigabytes. Our research tells us that a large customer can move well over 40 Gigabytes per day – in fact many of our larger customers will actually replicate as much as 200 plus Gigabytes per day!”


O’Sullivan puts this into perspective: “The University of Berkeley describes 1 Gigabyte of data as being roughly equivalent to a pickup truck filled with books. So that’s saying that even a small IBM i site changes the equivalent of three pickup trucks’ worth of data per day.


“Who can afford to lose that much data in a disaster?” asks O’Sullivan. “The reality is, they just don’t realize how much data is at risk. We’re finding that for the most part even the most efficient and well-resourced organizations just don’t have this information – which does make it very difficult for them to adequately plan for disaster recovery. And even though business IT surveys repeatedly show that Disaster Recovery is high (if not top) on a CIO’s to-do list, there are still many, many IBM i sites out there that are currently backing up their systems to magnetic tape media just once a day.


Depending on when in that 24 hours your system goes down, that is a LOT of data to lose!”


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