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Bug Busters Software Engineering announced Release 10.1 of their RSF and RSF-HA applications for the IBM i.


The base version of RSF provides an advanced Managed File Transfer layer for the IBM i.  RSF-HA is a complete High Availability and data replication solution for the IBM i platform, bringing users more power at less cost then the competition.  Release 10.1 updates both the base and HA versions of RSF.

Users covered by maintenance can download the update directly from Bug Busters' web site:



Release 10.1 delivers powerful new features including :


Enhanced System Monitoring


RSF's Check Condition (CHKCDNRSF), Set Condition Parameters (SETCDNRSF), Set User Condition Parameters (SETCDNUSR) and Display Condition (DSPCDNRSF) commands make it easy to monitor for various conditions on your system and take some action based on the results.  You can monitor for lots of predefined conditions, or define your own conditions.

The new predefined *JOB condition makes it easy to determine if one or more jobs are active, on the job queue, or completed and on the output queue.  You can also use the *JOB condition to determine if particular interactive users are signed on.

You can also define your own conditions and custom actions.

Powerful Replication Monitoring

In a high availability environment, you can now see the information you need most when working with synchronization attributes.  Previously, entries that were running "late" were highlighted in yellow.  (Late means that the replication job for the entry has not run within the expected time frame.)  Now, you can choose to highlight entries based on different criteria, including journal apply lag, transfer lag and more.  The new FLAG parameter on the Work With Sync Attributes (WRKRSFSA) command lets you specify the condition to look for and the threshold to check.  Flagged entries are clearly identified, whether the information is displayed, printed or sent to an output file.

The new sync attribute flagging capability makes your condition-checking programs more powerful.  Condition-checking programs are used to monitor your system and send an email or text alert when something needs attention.  In the past, you had to choose a few key libraries to monitor for journal apply lag.  Now, you can use the new WRKRSFSA capabilities to efficiently monitor journal apply lag for all of the libraries and IFS directories that you're replicating.



  • New commands for cleaning up orphan authorization lists and user profiles.
  • New commands for comparing system objects.
  • New Check TCP/IP Status command.
  • Role swap enhancements.
  • Multiple authority replication enhancements.
  • New Retrieve LPAR Info and Display System Info commands.
  • Improved two-way replication.
  • Optimized replication for large libraries.
  • Advanced save-while-active options available during replication.
  • Improved spooled file replication.

For details about these and other enhancements included in RSF 10.1, please see:





Complete Solution


RSF 10.1 Base Version makes inter-system communication, file transfer and object distribution a snap.

  • Send and retrieve objects and spooled files securely.
  • Send email and text messages from any program or command line.  Attach objects and spooled files to email messages with ease.
  • Pass through to other machines securely and easily.
  • Send objects to many machines in the time it takes to send to just one.
  • Industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption supported.
  • Change the layout of a physical file while it's in use.

RSF-HA 10.1 includes all of the base version function and allows you to replicate everything on your system in real time:

  • Libraries
  • IFS directories
  • User profiles
  • System values
  • Network attributes
  • Authorization lists
  • Configuration information
  • Data queues
  • Object-level authorities
  • Spooled files
  • Message queues
  • Data areas
  • And more...

Full high availability and role swap is supported.


For more details about features added to each release of RSF, please see: http://www.bugbusters.net/rsf_new.htm.



Competitively Priced


The RSF High Availability feature is licensed separately.  This complete solution is available for a fraction of the cost of traditional HA implementations.



Free Trial


Free 30-day trials for RSF 10.0 can be downloaded from www.bugbusters.net