IBM API Connect V5.0

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IBM API Connect V5.0 delivers digital business innovation and transformation with APIs and Microservices.  



IBM® API Connect V5.0 delivers the following key capabilities for users to:

  • Create Microservices and expose them as APIs in minutes.
  • Run polyglot runtimes, such as Node.js and Java™, to create the Microservices by using unified Java and Node operations and management.
  • Manage, deploy, scale, and socialize APIs.
  • Secure, control, mediate, and optimize access to your APIs by using leading, standard industry practices.

API Connect integrates IBM API Management and IBM StrongLoop® offerings into a single offering that provides a comprehensive solution to create, run, manage, and enforce APIs and Microservices.


API Connect is available with flexible ordering options with three editions, including:

  • Essentials. A no-charge offering for developers and businesses to provide the essential functionality to create, run, manage and enforce the consumption of APIs and Microservices. It does not include IBM support.
  • Professional. This offering is for departmental use. It provides the functions available with the Essentials edition and adds the capabilities to cluster a limited number of nodes within a single datacenter.
  • Enterprise. This offering is for enterprises and includes a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade capabilities. It provides the functions available with the Professional edition and adds a robust set of additional capabilities. It also delivers support for the clustering of a large number of nodes within a single datacenter and also across multiple datacenters.

Both the Professional and Enterprise editions include support from IBM.


API Connect can help users to:

  • Rapidly create Microservices and expose them as APIs.
  • Quickly create new APIs from existing business assets or cloud services.
  • Run and manage polyglot runtimes.
  • Manage your APIs with business-level controls by setting varying levels of security, visibility, and rate limits while sharing APIs with application developers.
  • Transform and grow your business with insights through detailed analytics with structured filtered searches.


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