IBM Fabric Manager Software for IBM BladeCenter Allows Dynamic Provisioning of IT Resources

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Fabric Manager software for BladeCenter is designed to easily manage I/O and network interconnects by virtualizing network parameters such as the World Wide Name (WWN) and Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. When a compute node is replaced or failover occurs from one compute node to another, the LAN and SAN configurations are not affected. This application replaces both BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager Basic and BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager Advanced, which were previously used on BladeCenter servers.

After the Fabric Manager for BladeCenter is installed, you can preconfigure LAN and SAN connections; I/O connections are made automatically when compute nodes are plugged into the chassis slots. No special tools or training are required; you just manage the program with an easy-to-use web-based user interface.

Fabric Manager offers these benefits:

  • Save time: Preconfigure more than 1,400 LAN and SAN connections once for each blade server.
  • Simplified management: Manage growth and complexity from a single Fabric Manager user interface.
  • SFlexibility: Fabric Manager works with Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and SAS switch modules.
  • Ease of use: Profile-based user interface enables easy setup, deployment, and management.
  • Reduced risk: Manage risk to keep business operations running with available I/O failover to standby compute nodes and redundant Fabric Manager servers.
  • Convenient packaging: Purchase both BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager Basic and Advanced functions in one easy-to-use package.
  • New Enterprise Licensing offering provides time-saving benefits in deploying multiple chassis.
  • Ability to upgrade from Basic or Advanced via single part number.

With the exception of the IBM Fabric Manager Enterprise Key offering, licenses for offerings in this announcement include Software Subscription and Support. Software Subscription and Support contracts are managed in Passport Advantage® . Refer to the Additional information section of this announcement for further details.

Fabric Manager for BladeCenter® allows address virtualization, server pre-provisioning, and automatic failover of compute nodes to enable speed of deployment and high availability through dynamic provisioning of IT resources in a production environment. This application replaces both BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager Basic and Advanced applications combining them in one package.

Features include:

  • High availability with redundant Fabric Manager servers
  • Option to run Fabric Manager server as a service
  • Protection with unique addresses for newly defined profile
  • Remote console
  • Profile-based user interface
  • Combination of both BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager Basic and Advanced applications in one easy-to-use package.