IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX 7.1.3 Adds Enhancements

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PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX 7.1.3 enhances and adds new capabilities, including the following key features:

  • HyperSwap for active-active two-site configurations
  • HyperSwap for single-node clusters
  • Support for clustering with unicast communications
  • Capability to dynamically modify the host name of a clustered node
  • Operator-managed manual failover policy for multisite linked clusters
  • Graphical Cluster Simulator
  • Enhanced and flexible high availability management support for SAP


PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Standard Edition is the IBM Power Systems data center solution that helps protect critical business applications from outages, planned or unplanned.


PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Enterprise Edition includes the Standard Edition plus advanced capabilities such as failover to back up resources at remote locations.


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