IBM Rational Test Workbench V8.0.1 Enhances Virtualized Services, Test Automation, and Integration

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Rational Test Automation Solution V8.0.1, designed to help address the challenges of testing highly integrated and complex systems, builds on the core capabilities released in Version 8.0 (June 2012 release). It delivers an additional compelling set of enhancements around service virtualization for WebSphere MQ, Mobile and EDI, multiplatform continuous integration (CIz) testing that includes CICS and IMS Support, automation support and test data management integration.


Current® systems and applications that enable organizations to realize profitable business outcomes are increasingly complex. This creates unprecedented challenges around testing these complex, composite applications, and management of the sensitivity and proliferation of test data that drive testing scenarios. These result in significant time, cost, and maintenance burdens for organizations to realize a higher quality solution.


Whether legacy or modern architectures (IBM, TIBCO, Software AG, SAP, Oracle, or other integration environments), the Rational Test Automation solution:

  • Simplifies the creation of virtualized test environments that can be easily deployed, shared, and updated as the underlying systems and data change.
  • Provides comprehensive integration testing in a code-free solution that is easy to learn and enhances tester productivity.
  • Integrates these new capabilities with our industry-leading Rational Quality Manager and Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution, that deliver the most complete quality management solution available.


This rich set of capabilities significantly reduces the cost of provisioning and maintaining test environments and shortens test cycle times by moving integration testing earlier in the development lifecycle. The result is a faster product and service delivery with improved quality and reduced risk. Building on these core capabilities, this release enables organizations to efficiently manage test data and address the challenges of testing highly integrated and complex systems.


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